Extremely Helpful
“When I first started to think about purchasing a house, I had no idea what I even needed to do. Michael Dorosko was an invaluable part of my first home-buying process. He walked me through what I needed to know, adapted to the situation as it changed, and was always very prompt and professional with his correspondence. I would highly recommend Michael’s services in purchasing a house.”


Fast and Efficient
“I give Mike 5 STARS for sure!!! He was fast efficient and on the ball even my realtor was impressed with how fast he got things rolling!! He has experience on his side for sure he knows how to get the numbers to work to get you approved ! Walked me through whole process explained everything as we went as I have never purchased a home before ! He always returns your calls and works hard and stays on top of your loan process right until the end! I will definitely recommend him to friends and family !! This Mike was a great experience thanks to all your hard work !!!!“


“As a first time home buyer with not such great credit and no experience or idea what I was doing. I was working with another very well known mortgage lender when Micheal found me, no saved me and he was awesome. He literally started working with me the first week of January and we closed on our house today February 28. When I tell you he was amazing, professional, knowledgeable, persistent, so very helpful. I never thought I would be able to purchase my home and with his help I did. Thank you so much for making our dream come true.“



“Michael helped my family and I not only make a dream come true but he helped make the process less scary. I was so nervous being a first time home buyer and our LL of 6 yrs was not the nicest person, and we had hit a bunch of rough patches through he last yr. Having Michael on the other end of the phone line and the other end of the computer put my mind at ease to say the least. Im a nervous person naturally but I really felt that if anone could make it happen it was him. I honestly tell everyone about him and that anyone can buy a house. If you can afford to rent then Michael will find a way for you if you want it bad enough and I did. Im actual living proof that hard work and determination pays off with of course the right person and Micahel Dorosko works FOR YOU!“


Michael will make it happen

“Michael done everything right and got me and my family in our new home in a timely manner. Quick to respond and very efficient at his job. I would highly recommend Michael if your buying a home.“



“I have been trying to purchase a home for my family for over a year with no luck, but thanks to Michael’s hard work my dream finally came true last week. We closed on the home in exactly 60 days. Micheal was on point. He has exceptional communication skills and work ethics. He is honest. He follows up with you promptly. Him being on vacation did not stop him from following up with me on important things that needed to be done before the closing. Micheal exceeded my expectations. I am happy with his service. I will highly recommend Micheal to friends, family, coworkers, and anyone struggling to find a LENDER like him. When he says, he can close the deal believe he would be doing just that.“


GREAT Lender!!

“Our family looked for a house for close to a year and Mike was there with us every step of the way. He always answered any questions that I had and definitely was very patient. There was times when I had questions after his work hours and he was there to answer them. Highly Recommended!“


Awesome Lender

“Michael is an awesome lender and I would recommend him any day. He worked with me and my husband for over 2 yrs until we got where we needed to be in order to qualify for the loan. He was patient, prompt, and always accurate. He was always available when I needed him or whenever I had a question.“


Excellent Lender

“Michael has been absolutely amazing at guiding us through the process of buying a home. We are first time home buyers and he has been very patient with answering all of our questions. He has been available anytime day and night, week day or weekend. We couldn’t be more impressed in his work. We highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to buy a house.“



“Michael was absolutely amazing with helping us find the best APR and provided lots of suggestions as we were first time home

Buyers. He was able to make what we thought was impossible very possible! Thanks to you Michael we have our first new home!“



Mike is the best. I can’t say anything bad about him.

I had a not-so-great experience with a mortgage broker years ago, so I was pretty stressed about the whole financing process. Mike spent the extra time to address all of my concerns, and kept me well informed throughout the process. Quite often, I would send Mike a message late in the evening, and get a response within a few minutes.

Two specific things that impressed me:

1. As he was reviewing my file, Mike found an error in my credit report and took the initiative to work with the bureaus to clear it up, in order to get me the best possible interest rate. None of the other brokers/lenders even noticed the error.

2. Our closing date got pushed out because of some issues on the title side (not Mike’s fault), and the bank charged us to extend the interest rate a few days. Mike could have easily slipped that fee into the closing documents without me noticing, but instead, he informed me about it and decided to send us a Home improvement store gift card for the amount.

If you’re looking for a straight-up, open and honest broker, give Mike a call.